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Helping Hand


a vibrant life of resilient thinking,

feeling & behaving

is within your reach

"How are you, really?"

Physical pain, anxiety attacks, persistent worry and strong urges to avoid are signs directing you to look below the surface and heal the long-held patterns, not just the immediate trigger that appears unexpectantly when you feel threatened.

If you ignore or miss the signals, more extreme ways of getting your attention will show up, and create new unhealthy 

patterns, stuck symptoms, and self-sabotaging behavior.


From Pain to Peace

There is a way to release what's underneath so you can recover your mental, emotional and physical health. The Sozo Life Healing Plan is for women of all ages, in every stage of life, who want out of fear-based thinking, feeling and behaving.

What Sozo Life Offers

  • practical tools to deepen your relationship with God


  • victory strategies to disarm lies and build a mental library of truths


  • keys to experience inner healing through forgiveness, letting go and setting healthy boundaries


  • prescriptions for sustained health and well-being

  • gentle coaching guidance from someone who walks in anxiety recovery herself


Wholeness, peace and balance is what you will gain as you allow God into each component that is injured, anxious and dysfunctional.

The First Step

You were made for transformation. The ability to heal is already yours and ready for you to take hold of. Let the Sozo Life Healing Plan help you activate this life of abundance from the inside-out.



Hi, I’m Cathy

Certified Life Coach

Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, mentor

For most of my life I lived under the control of anxious thoughts and feelings that robbed me of health and kept me from experiencing a full and satisfying life. My longing for freedom led me on a journey to find relief. Along the way what I discovered transformed the quality of my life, health and relationships. I'd like to share them with you to help in your recovery journey.

Introducing the
Sozo Life Healing Plan

Change your mind. Change your life.

It all begins in your thoughts. When you sense a threat, your brain signals your body to prepare itself to fight or flee. An anxious mind can distort our thoughts and experiences in a way that hinders and even destroys our relationships, our health and self-worth. You are not created to live like this, and many factors contribute to this formation. Together we will explore these triggers and replace them with positive, life-giving thoughts grounded in God's truth.


The Sozo Life Healing Plan trains your mind to think right so you can respond right, especially in the heat of crisis. This recovery plan will free your mind and heart from anxiety by changing the direction of your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Isn't it time for you to function in optimal wellness without anxiety getting in the way? Let me show you how.



For the first time, I was presented with actionable and doable steps that aided in the transformation

of my thinking.

I achieved a greater kind of peace in the absence

of anxiety.

Cathy is an understanding, gentle, and genuine person with a clear passion for what she teaches.

She will meet you right where you are at in your emotions, mental health, and walk with God. Her goal is for you to get better.


Cathy was able to draw out

the knots, the hurts, the stuck places, and the deep soul wounds that needed

loving air to heal.

The personal investment of time, effort, thoughtfulness and tears put into working with Cathy is beyond measure.

It's time. Do it!


If you're looking for gentle, educated guidance from someone who understands anxiety, Cathy is the perfect one to go to.


She takes the time to get to know each person she works with, and she is creative and intelligent in her methodology.


Cathy can help if you are dealing with anxiety, feeling stuck,

or at the mercy of

your circumstances.



Get in Touch


                  Phone. 303.815.7526

Schedule a free 25 min session with me.

I will answer any Qs about

the Sozo Life Healing Plan and

what working with me looks like.

I would be honored to be your guide

on this journey to peace & true freedom.

                           -Cathy Tetamore

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