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Updated: May 10, 2022

Which path do you choose for your mental and emotional health?

Does making a choice cause you anxiety?

To conquer decision paralysis, start by bringing your pain to the One who knows exactly what you need. Some pain may require more than a pill, a hug or an apple a day. Your Heavenly Physician is more than willing to listen, give wise counsel, and prescribe healing remedies to fully restore the whole you, not just the parts that are suffering.

Your mental and emotional distress needs to be examined by a loving, compassionate and empathetic doctor. Studies have shown that patients who feel heard, respected, and cared for will more likely follow their doctor's medical advice. Why not start with a Divine Doctor who can calm your fear and provide hope? Lay before Him your concerns and ask Him what form of healing would you respond best to: counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, supplements, the right diet, or the right doctor who can prescribe medication? A one-size-fits-all approach may not work for you. God can reveal a customized plan just right for you, like He did for me.

The path of healing God chose for me was not a quick fix. Patience, endurance and humility had to take root before I experienced consistent "good days". He brought to me remedies, resources, loving coaches and mentors to support me in my journey to overcome anxiety. The key to unlocking my healing was my willingness to listen and cooperate.

Let God into your decision making process. His bedside manner is gentle, loving, accepting and supportive. You can bring fear, anxiety and self-pity into His examination room. One minute of compassionate communication from a human doctor can greatly reduce anxiety, so how much more with a Divine Physician!

"For I will restore you to health and heal your wounds," declares the Lord. - Jeremiah 30:17

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