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Updated: Feb 15

Is this glass half-full or half-empty to you?

A half-full perspective is associated with an optimistic view on life, concentrating on the good things you have. A half-empty perspective is associated with a pessimistic view, focusing on things that are missing in your life.

I think we all swing from one view to the other depending on life's circumstances, but the reality is both can be unhealthy. An optimist might miss a legitimate problem. The pessimist might miss an opportunity.

I'd like to share another perspective that may free you from these labels. How about looking at the glass as always full, even when you're lacking. Half-liquid, half-air = 100% full. Although you can't see air, it still exists and fills space. If you think this way, you are actively choosing to trust in the invisible to fill your void. Over time it becomes an automatic response and an incredible source of strength for you when you feel completely empty. Optimism won't become your gut feeling until you've conditioned it to be so. This will require some intentional practice.

Let me give you a few Perspective Shifting methods that I teach in my Sozo Life Healing Plan to help you swing to always full mentality:

Shut down the automatic negative thoughts (ANT's): In a fight-or-flight situation, do your best to reframe your thoughts by speaking God's truth over yourself: "Although I feel overwhelmed and anxious right now, I choose to see God in this with me, surrounding me, supporting me, filling me with His peace to overcome these negative thoughts and feelings and lift me out of despair."

Refocus tools: You need to alleviate your negative thoughts by having something ready to grab and extinguish it. Maybe it's a Spotify playlist of your favorite songs, a punching bag, or a power walk. Find an outlet to get those ANT's out of your head! Distractions divert your attention off the intensity of your feelings.

Remember, you always have a choice: You have the ability to decide at any given moment whether to give away your power or keep it. You get to decide what direction you want your thoughts to go. God has given you the gift of freewill to release you from feeling trapped, with no options.

As your subconscious lens of life is altered with this always full perspective, may you find the good in life, just as it is. Whatever you think you might be missing, you're not. You're just making room for the invisible Deity to fill the rest of the empty space.

...know the love of Christ which passes knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. - Ephesians 3:19

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